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Good Morning!

An invulnerability found in the depths of OpenSSL. It can be used to leak information including usernames, passwords, addresses, credit card and/or paypal information, etc.

As stated by Mojang, their servers were not affected but the load balancers they use from Amazon were affected and it's possible some information has been leaked. I strongly suggest you update your account information and change your password for security sake. For more information reguarding the current status of Mojang and their experience regarding the problem can be found below.

Thank you.

[SAdmin] N69S a this link lists most know services answer regarding Heartbleed, and yes or not you should change your password quickly. ...
Good Evening!

We're proud to announce that VIP and public shops are now available. You can contact an admin in-game to get one. If you would like a VIP shop they require a 20 dollar donation on a monthly basis.

Don't forget, all donations and server revenue is spend on the costs of the server and none of us profit.

Have a great day!
[Member] DarkKazoie Nice work! However I personally don't have a VIP shop and I know that the donation supports the server but $20 a month s ...
Hello again,

We're doing a huge update today that might take 15-30min(s). Please bare with us during this time.

Here is a list of mods that we will be adding and updating during this time.

  • Added Damage Indicators
  • Added BiblioWoods
  • Added Carpenter's Blocks
  • Added Power Converters
  • Added Powersuit Add-Ons
  • Added Waila

  • Updated EnderIO
  • Updated Extra Utilities
  • Updated Gravisuite
  • Updated MineFactoryReloaded
  • Updated ProjectRed
  • Updated Thaumcraft

[Member] MrSuperKing143 Yay thanks max for all your hard work
[Admin] kasperfranz Can't wait to play around with it all later ...
[Member] Harkirat97 Yay thanks max cant wait to use carpenter blocks!
We've been experiencing increased connection problems and have contacted our host regarding the problem. They are aware of the situation and are currently working to resolve the problem in the future.

Edit: The problem has been resolved.

Small Update.

[SAdmin] Maxcloud18 a posted Mar 6, 14
We apologize for the downtime early this morning. We did a little maintenance on the server which included updating MCPC to the latest version. We are working hard to get rid of these bugs in a timely fashion.

I would like to give a big thank you to the community that has stuck by us through thick and thin. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it's amazing to be apart of a community such as this one.

Thank you
- The Staff of FTC

Trigger_Happy321 Is the problem with loading in hydras still a problem, because my portal spawned right next to a hydra hill.
[Member] ScubaSteveTM Thank you for all the hard work you guys do to keep the server as good as it is!!
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