Our Introduction

Maxcloud18 SUPER-ADMIN
Maxcloud18 @ Direwolf20
posted Jul 7, 14
Once again welcome to Feed The Community! The community which strives to bring you the quality gaming experience to suit your needs. We currently are managing a Minecraft server and soon hope to expand with your help! Feed The Community was founded by four intellectual people. Please take your time to view our website which will provide you with all the information needed to understand the concept of this community.

Here at Feed The Community, we do not take things lightly. Be it from personal player complaints, Admin or player abuse. We will strive to do our best to fulfill your needs, yet punish the abusers. Then again we are a friendly community who loves to have a great time, welcome new players and enjoy ourselves. So just sit back, relax and have fun on our gaming community!

At Feed The Community you will get to know many people, may it be admins, staff or players. So be it, but if anyone is to abuse you or create a sense of un-comfort for you within the community, please let the staff know as we are a community who sticks together to enjoy ourselves and we do not tolerate imbeciles.

Now for the best part! Let me introduce you to our Donations tab. For everyone donation made 10% will be sent to the Make a Wish Foundation which supports children with life threatening medical diseases. From the donation tab you can purchase things such as in-game perks and rewards. Please see the tab for more information! Don't forget, every dollar donated helps keep the server up!

Thank you to all our players. Have fun and take your time to view our website!